Tolengas Teknik is a local service provider to the oil and gas, manufacture, mining, petrochemical and power plant industries in Indonesia. We design, build, operate and maintain the production facilities, which we deliver through a range of innovative commercial models which can be aligned to an individual client, project or asset.  This enables us to respond to the distinct needs of each client and help them to enhance the value of their assets across the industry life cycle.

We provide our clients with a range of services and capabilities that are recognized as consistently high quality. We do this through a range of innovative commercial models which allow us to tailor our service to the needs of each client.

From the moment we decide to bid on a project, the discipline begins. We identify risks from the outset, ensure a clear understanding of project complexity, and maintain our risk management rigor each step of the way.

We are committing to demonstrate excellence professional service with capability:


  • Production facility front end engineering design (FEED)
  • Equipment Design Calculation for piping, mechanical , structural, and process
  • Production efficiency analysis and improvement
  • Failure analysis and investigation
  • Support modification at existing facilities
  • Calculation for lifting beam, pad eyes design and lifting frame.
  • Vibration Analysis

Fabrication and Construction

  • Structural for production facility, piperack, equipment structural support, and containers.
  • Structural building for workshop, warehouse, bridge or other facilities
  • Industrial equipment such as tank, vessel and heat exchanger
  • Construction support for any innovation product such as agricultural and home industry

Maintenance and Supply

  • Major facility maintenance
  • Valve repair and maintenance
  • Online sealing by engineering clamp
  • Like to like replacement service including bolting and welding services


We are ready to assist your business for support continuous production in competitive environment.

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