With extensive experience of working in these industries, our consultants apply a multidisciplinary approach to support our clients through the entire development and production lifecycle, from project development, operations, through to final decommissioning.


Production facility front end engineering design (FEED)

  • Project appraisal and feasibility study
  • Selection of technology
  • Budget estimation for project development


Equipment Detail Design Calculation

  • Development of process flow diagram and process requirement
  • Detail piping stress analysis
  • Mechanical equipment calculation based on industrial code and standard
  • Detail component strength assessment by Finite Element Analysis (FEM)
  • Structural design modeling and calculation

Familiar Code and standard: ASME, API, BS EN, ISO, ASTM, Energy Institute, Etc.


Production efficiency analysis and improvement

Assessment of existing facility efficiency, review the operating condition, individual equipment performance, and provide input for efficiency improvement


Failure analysis and investigation

Provide technical assessment to demonstrate how the event works, observe the failure barrier, and summarize the lesson learns what can be improved to avoid another incident


Fitness for Service Assessment

Service for fitness for service assessment for old facility to assess current integrity condition for further operation beyond the design life time. We support fitness for service also for in service anomaly finding such as wall thinning, dent, pitting corrosion, bent, dent, and other type of anomalies. We do the assessment by code rule or by running finite element analysis (FEM)


Support modification at existing facilities

Develop identifies and defines optimal concepts that create value and achieve our clients’ business goals. We are ready to support since engineering package development including method statement, calculation, technical drawing, material take off, quality assurance process, and construction methodology.


Vibration Service

Vibration induced failures in process systems can cause major safety, reliability and operational problems. The Vibration Engineering service from Tolengas Teknik aims to prevent these failures.

Using a combination of physical measurement, analysis and modelling tools to identify vibration and fatigue problems, our engineers help our clients meet exact design requirements and avoid problems arising, or solve any that arise during design, construction, commissioning and operational phases

Our experts support safety and asset management strategies from the initial stages of plant design through to final plant life extension programs and we have been closely involved with the development of risk-based assessment methodologies, including the industry-standard Energy Institute Guidelines.

Familiar standard : Energy Institute, MTD Guidelines, ASME VIII, and BS standard.


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